Undoubtedly you will end needing to make thousands of different decisions regarding your wedding. Combine that with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and being able to simplify one of the major decisions surrounding your wedding sounds pretty amazing. When you book a single company for your photo and video team, you are only having to find and select one vendor! Instead of having to inquire with multiple photographers you love and multiple videographers you love, all you have to do is find a photography & videography team you’re obsessed with, and then you can start the booking process from there! It’s a wonderful feeling, and it provides so much peace of mind when you can cross these two super important vendors off your list at once! That means you’ll just have one set of people to communicate with. You’ll only have the one contract to read and sign. Just the one invoice to keep track of and the one set of details to provide. Booking your wedding photography and videography separately essentially doubles your admin, and increases the amount of time spent communicating. Your time is precious, and we’re sure there are 101 more fun things out there for you to do.


There is already so much planning that goes into the wedding. Oftentimes you may find that your photographer has certain timing and logistical requirements for the wedding day and your videographer has a completely different set of requirements. You’ll find yourself caught somewhere in the middle and unsure of how to accommodate both. When booking your wedding photographer and videography with the same company, these logistical requirements have been streamlined to create a synergistic approach to the wedding day. This avoids making any major last minute changes to your timeline so each team gets what they need.

As a result of working together on numerous weddings, our photo and video teams practically finish each other's sentences. There is an ebb and flow between our teams that gets passed onto our couples creating a seamless experience. Shared teams have experience working with one another, so they can anticipate each other’s positioning, style, and needs. This results in fewer shots “ruined” by one team obstructing the angle of the other.


Everyone has heard the horror stories of the photographer and videographer not getting along. Fortunately, this has never be an issues for us, as we are a husband and wife team. Although we often work with other teams outside our own studio, there is always extra confidence when you know your photo and video team and are mutually invested in the outcome of both, the photos and videos, for you as a couple. Hiring both from the same company ensures aligned priorities and motivates both professionals to create the best possible product. When you hire a same company photo and video team, you’re giving yourself the gift of a team who can approach your day with a unified plan, which will, in turn, provide you with the best coverage and the smoothest day possible.


Another thing to consider is style. Dark & Moody Video with Bright and Airy photographs may give you the best of both worlds but we believe weddings look best when shown in a cohesive way. If you’re dreaming of a wedding film and wedding photographs that “match” stylistically, hiring a photo & video team from the same company is a total no-brainer for you. We shoot with the same lighting style in natural light as well as reception lighting. It’s important to us to display a wedding in the most authentic and joyful way that celebrates this magical day! A whole lot of joy mixed with some romance is when we are most comfortable and that applies to not just our photography but also to our videography as well!  


We know that the vendor search process can be incredibly difficult! Above all things, the second you authentically connect with a vendor, that’s a SURE sign they need to be on our wedding team! If you are initially drawn to a team by their work and then are really easily able to connect with them as people on a personal level, then this sweetens the deal and will typically lead to your photos and videos from being not just good but to unbelievably perfect. And when they offer photography and video - then you don’t have to risk finding another vendor who you don’t connect with quite as well!

We also fully believe that connecting with your photographers and videographers is not only key when it comes to receiving amazing photos and an incredible wedding film, but also when it comes to having an incredible all-around wedding experience! Which is why we like having a meeting or consultation prior to booking your date to ensure we are the right fit for you guys and that we can deliver an amazing experience for you. Ready to schedule your photo and video consultation? SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION